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GallitoAPI is a text analysis engine for the processing or spoken or written natural language, with many functions related to text data mining, which can also be combined with other information exploration and processing methodologies.

GallitoAPI can use domains that adapt to every need. From a general domain encompassing all topics at the same time to specific expert knowledge domains.

GallitoAPI can explore the thematic universe from adaptable points of view, with a zoom effect. This allows is to focus its point of view on domain properties that previously went unnoticed.

The vectorial representation of texts provided by some GallitoAPI functions makes the transduction from text format, with slow access to and recovery from databases, to numeric format, with fast access to and recovery from databases. GallitoAPI could speed up database operation.

GallitoAPI can provide different answers, with different degrees of complexity, for every need or request: from the simpler metric-type requests, to more complex requests base on vectorial representations on general-domain or very specific semantic spaces.

GallitoAPI uses the SOAP standard for intercommunication, which makes integration extremely simple. Click on the image to see a “typical” answer in detail:

GallitoAPI Respuesta tipo

GallitoAPI integrates with each of our internet-oriented tools, allowing them to be parametrised on the basis of their topic and classifiers.

The following table displays the main GallitoAPI functions, as well as its actions and results (click on the image and on the CTRL+ (enlarge) or CTRL- (reduce) to adjust the zoom to the scale required).

GallitoAPI Tabla funciones

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