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An online solution that automatically evaluates the quality of students’ open answers, providing personalised feedback as guidance and a reinforcement to improve and learn.

Writing, or the ability to express yourself in words, help students to understand, to organise their thoughts, and to adequately convey ideas; becoming a competent write requires frequent practice, specialised feedback, and reinforcement.

G-Rubric Interface

The G-Rubric online tool…

  • In on the Internet, and access is easy and instantaneous;
  • Works in real time and with no interruption:
  • Results are obtained in seconds;
  • Use is unlimited;
  • Rates the quality of the contents of the students’ answers by means of a numeric score;
  • Assesses the spelling, grammar, and expressiveness of the answers by means of a combination of probabilistic analyses;
  • Graphically informs about the main ideas and concepts required, as well as about their degree of presence/absence in the students’ writings;
  • Complements the teacher’s work by releasing him/her from cost-intensive, repetitive tasks;
  • Promotes use of writing to improve reading comprehension and the ability to synthesise, as a versatile learning tool with a high strategic level;
  • Increases students’ autonomy and responsibility in their own learning process;
  • Can be integrated with the main educational platforms (Moodle, aLF, Blackboard, WebCT… );

Yes, you can test G-Rubric immediately; so you should only access to the website of G-Rubric (link is below) and record your username and password to receive a confirmation message. This process is automatic and instantaneous.

G-Rubric website: ACCESS

And do not forget to download here the G-Rubric information brochureDOWNLOAD

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