Gallito Studio

Gallito Studio

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Gallito Studio is a NLP Tool. It is a software package based in the n-dimensional models, especially in Latent Semantic Analysis. Compared to existing tools, Gallito Studio offers a user interface and an extensible set of very interesting features based in computational psycholinguistics claims: as for example changing the perspective of the latent semantic space and convert the abstract dimensions into real concepts, the Well-known Construction-Integration mechanism, evolution of terms and concepts, etc.

Gallito Studio is also useful for extracting lexical indices such as term entropy, semantic diversity, semnatic maturation, frequency measured through vector length, similarity between terms, lists of semantic neighbors, coherence between several pieces of text.

Gallito API can process and expose thematic spaces that have been trained using Gallito Studio. Gallito Studio admits a huge range of processing settings and analysis.

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